Divorce Lawyer NYC

Divorce Lawyer NYC

We know this is not an easy feat, and encourage anyone going through a divorce to call us for the support and guidance they need during this time. Your energy, mood, and health may feel zapped, and your world may have recently been turned upside down by the separation. We can empathize with what you are going through, and are not afraid to use aggressive strategies if necessary to protect our clients. At Kleyman Law Firm, a Divorce Lawyer NYC community members depend on has seen just how much divorce can take out of a person.

If you or someone you love is going through a tricky divorce, then now is the time to obtain legal help from a reputable lawyer, such as one from Kleyman Law Firm. We offer a free consultation at no cost to new clients, so you can find out more about your options before hiring us to represent you.

Starting a Journal During a Contested Divorce

If you have children who are of minor age, then we can imagine how this divorce may be particularly difficult and emotional for you. For many people going through divorce with children, there is a grieving process they must endure. We may suggest starting a journal where you write down details and events that are significant to your divorce case, such as when the other parent spent time with children, whether nasty emails or remarks were exchanged between you, if the other parent is pinning children against you, or any other behavior that is inappropriate.

A Divorce Lawyer in New York City knows that the worst can come out of people during a divorce, and you would be surprised how a journey can be influential to the outcome of your settlement, especially during a contested divorce where the other spouse is not being cooperative or kind.

Find a Support System to Help Ground You

While our Divorce Lawyer NYC team is certainly supportive, one of the most expensive things you can do is have us be your therapist. A lawyer is here to navigate you through the legal steps of divorce, and help you understand what the process will be like to come. Clients who have a support system such as compassionate family members, friends, and a qualified therapist, are more able to handle when things become challenging. Taking care of your mental health must be a priority during this major life transition. While you focus on taking care of you, a lawyer can cover the legal side of things. 

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Divorce is rarely easy, and having a lawyer who is dedicated to safeguarding your assets and best interests is one of the best decisions you will ever make. We are here to focus on you, and get you through this problematic time. To hear more about how a Divorce Lawyer NYC can help you, call Kleyman Law Firm now.