Divorce Lawyer NY

Divorce Lawyer NY

Perhaps you or your spouse had filed for divorce (or are thinking about it), and need some guidance when it comes to legal matters. It is important that you hire a lawyer that is experienced in handling delicate and at times intense cases, such as divorce. We understand the inner workings of divorce cases and know how to fight for you during the divorce settlement process. A Divorce Lawyer NY residents turn to from Kleyman Law Firm can imagine the stress you may be feeling at this point.

If you or someone you care about is about to go through divorce, we strongly advise getting our counsel before things move forward. You need someone to protect your best interests, and we can be that for you.

Write Down Questions For the Consultation

When meeting with a lawyer from Kleyman Law Firm, it can help to already have prepared a list of questions that you need answered. Many people get a little nervous when they first meet with a lawyer and may draw a blank when it comes to what to ask or talk about. Of course, we will guide you through this initial consultation, but want to make sure there aren’t any questions left unanswered. Examples of questions that our clients may ask a Divorce Lawyer NY include:

  • How is the divorce process going to work? 
  • What do you charge by the hour? 
  • What are the biggest ways having a lawyer can help me? 
  • What documents will you need to better understand my case?
  • How can I protect myself and my assets during this time?
Advice From Family and Friends

We know that right now you are probably getting advice from family and friends about the divorce process. While your loved ones are of course well-intentioned and just want to be there for you, their advice may be specific to their circumstances or not entirely correct. It is tempting to compare your case to someone else’s. But what may have worked for a friend during his or her divorce, may not apply to yours. Additionally, you may be hearing about horrible stories of divorce and it may scare you about the future to come. Please do not let this happen and instead hire a lawyer to give you information based on your own personal situation.

Start Gathering Financial Documents

As soon as you know that divorce is on the horizon, it can help to schedule a consultation with a lawyer and gather financial records. Key documents include copies of joint or individual tax returns, marriage certificate, custody and visitation schedules, yearly earnings, assets, prenuptial agreements, incriminating evidence, pay stubs, and debts. The more financial information you have to share with your lawyer, the better they can assist you and protect what you own. 

Call Kleyman Law Firm Now

Trust us when we say that hiring a lawyer is the best way to gear up for a divorce to come. Please call us now to book a brief free initial consultation with a dedicated and knowledgeable Divorce Lawyer NY from Kleyman Law Firm