Divorce Lawyer In NYC: Finding the silver lining in this COVID-19 pandemic?

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Divorce Lawyer In NYC: Finding the silver lining in this COVID-19 pandemic?

Our hearts go out to those affected by this, as we all are in many ways.  If we are fortunate to stay healthy at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, is it possible to find the positive despite all that is going on right now?

As I write this, I must first disclaim that this post does not at all diminish the severity of the current situation. My husband is a doctor, and we have family and friends working on the frontlines every single day. They see the gruesome and devastating effects this virus has caused to many and their families, and so it becomes hard to shake the “misery” (as my husband describes it), from the day-to-day battles.

So, instead of focusing on topics relevant to that of a divorce lawyer in NYC right now, I instead would like to urge everyone to find the silver lining, if it is at all possible, during this difficult time.

Practice Daily Gratitude.

Find something to be thankful for each day.  If we have our health, then that is exactly what we should be thankful for.

If, for others, it is also the extra time spent with loved ones, then that is another reason to be thankful.

“We can choose to be grateful no matter what.” — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Turn Quarantine Time into Quality Time. 

If we are fortunate enough to be safe –and not stuck at home during this time, then why not maximize the time we have, and use it to our advantage?

Each day, set aside time to complete a task, a new hobby to tackle, or spend time with loved ones.  Perhaps finally get to spring cleaning, take up yoga, or learn a new language.  At the very least, use this time to catch up on sleep, and afford yourself the opportunity to practice self-care so that you can be the best version of yourself, especially during this time of uncertainty.  A clear head will allow ourselves to better assess any anxiety ridden situation.  I assure you once this is over, and we are back in our daily routines, which for me is being a divorce lawyer in NYC, we will not have the time we have now.  So we should utilize it in the best way(s) possible, and continue to stay home if we can.

As advised, we must stay home to ‘flatten the curve’.  This is still a critical time for what we are going through, and if there is one thing we can do to help, it is to stay home.

I wish for us all to stay safe and well during this difficult time, and want to thank all of the healthcare workers, grocery store/pharmacy employees, firefighters, police men and women, and everyone else out there each day, putting their lives at risk for us.  You are our heroes.

We are strong.  We are united.  And we will soon enjoy our communities together again. And I will go back to do what I love – being a divorce lawyer in NYC.

Andriana Chryssikos, Esq.
Kleyman Law Firm

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