Divorce Attorney Brooklyn, NY

Divorce Attorney Brooklyn, NY

Ending a marriage is a complicated matter, and you need someone with knowledge and experience on your side. Here are several steps you should take before filing for divorce. 

Get Your Financial Documents Together

When you file for divorce, you have to show many different documents to the court, including financial account records, mortgages and car notes. If you have shared online accounts with your spouse, you should also obtain records of them too. If you gather these documents ahead of time, it can save you a lot of stress later on. 

Establish Your Own Credit

If everything was in your spouse’s name and you haven’t established your own credit, now is the time to start doing so. If you want to rent your own apartment or take out a mortgage in the future, it’s essential for you to have a good credit history. Begin by taking out small credit cards and paying off the balance in full every month. 

Interview Several Attorneys

It’s wise to consult with at least a few divorce attorneys before you file for divorce. The divorce attorney Brooklyn, NY you choose should have a clear understanding of your goals and have detailed answers to your questions. He or she should also be completely candid about the strengths and weaknesses in your divorce case and approximately how much the process will take.

Decide on Goals for Custody

If you have minor children, it’s critical to consider their custody situation. Go over your work schedule, children’s schedules and other factors when deciding on your goals for custody. For instance, if you have a very busy work schedule throughout the week, you may opt to have your children on weekends while your spouse has them on weekdays.

Make Changes to Your Will

If you have a will, you’ve likely listed your spouse as the beneficiary. Because you likely won’t want him or her to receive your life insurance, retirement accounts and other financial accounts after you die, you should remove your spouse from your will as soon as possible. A skilled estate planning attorney can help you through this process.

Determine If You Want to Stay or Move Out of Your Home

Unless you are in an abusive situation, it is probably in your best interest to stay in the family home until the legal process is complete. This is especially true if you are interested in getting property after divorce. If you move out and your spouse continues to pay the mortgage, the judge may give the property to your spouse.

If you have additional questions about your divorce, consult a divorce attorney Brooklyn, NY. Contact the Kleyman Law Firm today.